Since 1947, American Legion Auxiliary Volunteer Girls State (ALA VGS) has empowered Tennessee’s promising young women to become and remain civically engaged leaders through experiential learning and relevant, inspiring growth opportunities.  To date, nearly 30,000 Tennessee women have used tools gained at our transformational, non-partisan program to impact their communities – locally, nationally, and globally.

As we celebrate the impact of ALA VGS over the past 76 years and look to build on that legacy, we are working to broaden the reach of Volunteer Girls State and to guarantee that future generations of Tennessee’s young women have the opportunity to experience ALA VGS.  Your support will help us to meet the following goals:

  • Keep the citizen program fee affordable in the face of rising operating costs
  • Maintain programmatic excellence through investment in technology and infrastructure
  • Expand the number of high schools in Tennessee that have access to ALA VGS
  • Subsidize out-of-pocket expenses incurred by our 100% volunteer staff as needed in order to ensure that personal finances never become a barrier to attracting and retaining the best counselors

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American Legion Auxiliary Volunteer Girls State is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.