… but your counselors have given it their best shot! Scroll down to read a farewell message from your counselors.

Bishop City Blues Sisters


Hey Bishop Blues Sisters! We hope that you all had safe travels home! Thank you for sharing your week with us. Thank you for giving us your all during Fast Song, Olympics, bill writing, and (GS)2! You all have truly changed in an amazing and powerful way this week and we are so glad we could witness it. You are strong women who speak your mind, you care about the world, and, most importantly, you love and care about each other. No matter what has come your way this week, you have remained strong and kept smiling. Never forget about the lessons you’ve learned here or the people you have met (we know you won’t forget Jenise!). We cannot wait to see what our Blues Sisters do in the world and we wish you the best for your senior year!

Blount City Band

2017 BL Counselors

Hey Groupies!  (Hey ya!) It’s hard to believe Girls State is ending! As you leave, remember Mega Relay, Bill Writing, elections, and late nights. Remember how far you have come. Remember that you are no longer nervous, anxious and unsure rockers, but instead, you are empowered, loving and thoughtful. Remember your voice and go confidently into the world. Remember to sing, shout and change our world, Blount Band! Your counselors will be cheering for you from the stands. ROCK ON!

Crockett City Cowgirls


Howdy Cowgirls! Thank you all for an amazing week filled with laughter, learning, singing, dancing and so much more. We are so proud of all you accomplished from singing beautifully while dressed in trash bags, to stepping up and speaking out in writing amazing bills, to hula hooping insanely fast, turning out to vote, and studying hard for Game Show! We miss you so much and hope you continue to be brave. Be present. Be your most precious self. Because you have 38 cowgirl sisters and 6 counselors rooting for you and cheering you on. Never forget how you felt here, and remember you are all capable of amazing things. Saddle up cowgirls, you’ve got bright futures ahead of you! YEE HAW!!

We love and miss you!

Meredith, Lindsay, Niman, Molli, Laura, and Bailyn

Davis City Divas

2017 DA Counselors

Hey, divas! We’re proud that each and every one of you became a member of the Davis City family this year. Thanks for giving your all during an amazing week at ALA VGS. We hope you walked away with life lessons and new friendships that you’ll never forget. You made our job easy, and you really took to heart the values of Davis City. Always remember that divas are inclusive, empowered, present, respectful, and authentic, and they never stop on their quest for diva domination!


Hillary, Natasa, Taylor, Bailey, Lizzie, and Libby

Gray City Golfers

2017 GA Counselors

Gray City Golfers,

It has been an absolute honor to add 42 citizens to Gray City. The counselors are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. From stepping outside of your comfort zone and running for an election to singing on stage in “boss” costumes to speaking your opinions, you have embraced this week in all ways. We ask you to always remember you have a powerful voice. Be brave and use it for good. We hope this week has helped you see how amazing YOU are. Do not ever forget that. Thanks, Gray City for being a hole in one!

With all our love,

Gray City Counselors

Green City Gardeners


Dear Gardeners,

Thank you for a wonderful VGS.  Your enthusiasm and positive attitudes have been inspiring.  Your growth this week as individuals and as a community is a testimony to the mission of Volunteer Girls State.  As the week progressed, you blossomed from eager young sprouts to a beautiful garden of well-informed citizens. We hope you never forget your Green City roots and that you carry what you learned at VGS with you throughout your life.


-Find your voice in a sea of chaos.

-Lead with Integrity.

-The only thing different about having a green thumb is that you don’t get discouraged by failure. When something doesn’t work, you try again.

-Keep calm and garden on.

Greenfully yours,

The 2017 Green City Counselors

Houston City Hippies


Hippies, we are so proud of you. When you raised your hand in a crowded room, when you stood, shaking, to give a speech for elected office, or when you talked to the girl who was all alone, you kindled a flame. When you leave VGS, you take a part with you. Tend your new heart-flame. Walk the talk. Give freely and love fiercely. Hippies are high road travelers, independent thinkers, passionate, peace seeking, infectiously optimistic, energized in the face of adversity, and sincerely committed to evoking change. Be the change. We believe in you.

Peace and love,

Your counselors

Hudson City All-Stars

2017 HU counselors

Hey Hudson! We have loved getting to know you all and learning alongside you this week in the Hall of Fame. We wish you all the best on your senior years. We are so proud of the ways you challenged yourselves and your fellow citizens this week, even while you were wearing trash bags. Reach high and reach long – you never know what amazing possibilities await you. Thank you for loving well and laughing at our bad jokes. We love you guys. Don’t be a stranger!!!


Paige, Laura, Corinne, Houston, Katlyn, and Bri

Overton City Ocean

2017 OV Counselors

Hey Overton! WHO’S YOUR HOMEGIRL?! We have loved watching you grow throughout your week at Volunteer Girls State! We have watched you transform from nervous delegates into outgoing mermaids. Through constructing the most legendary City Code, supporting your sisters, and dominating Olympics, you became a city to be reckoned with. Remember to take what you have learned from Volunteer Girls State to your home, and never forget that sometimes you just have to ride the waves. We have truly enjoyed getting to know you during your stay in the Ocean. Stay wavy Sadie Ladies!

Robertson City Rockets


Hey Rockets! What a stellar week we’ve had! From rocking Fast Song with Queen Bee and writing amazing bills, to blasting through that hula hoop during mega relay–you have made this week one that was out of this world! We are so proud of the beautiful people you are and the courage you’ve displayed in our city. Thank you for the constant 110% effort. We hope you remember to take what you’ve learned this week and grow it into action back home. Finally, remember to take Robertson’s three pillars out into the world: scholarship, sisterhood, and light. We love you!

Sevier City Sweeties


Sevier City Sweeties, what a blessing it was to spend this Girls State with you. It was a sweet week! Make sure you color the world and use your voice. Remember to let go of the status quo! As Winnie the Pooh said, “you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” We will love and remember you always.


Your counselors!

Smith City Secret Agents


So long Secret Agents! You have been such a great group, and we hope you have been changed for good. Thanks for your thoughtful and civil discourse, enthusiasm, and friendship. Carry what you learned this week back to your schools and communities.

Taylor City Sailors

Taylor City

Ahoy Sailors! Thank you for being such a spirited, curious, and fearless crew this week. We so enjoyed getting to know each of you, over meals, while WAP-ing, and with thoughtful discussions. You’ve shared your best self this week; we love her dearly and we hope you love her too. We promise the real world can be like Girls State, but it has to start with you. #principleofinvestment

Sailing on,

Taylor City Counselors

Wells City Wonder Women


Wonder women,

You have all successfully completed this week of Girls State. And to this we, your counselors, would like to offer you a warm congratulations. Getting to know each and everyone of you has been such a pleasure. You have all grown so much in what seems like an incredibly short time. We are very proud of everything you have accomplished and truly wish you the best. Once a Wonder Woman, always a wonder woman.


Your counselors