If you’ve been selected to attend the upcoming session of ALA Volunteer Girls State, congratulations! You’ll soon be a citizen of Volunteer Girls State. We’ve put together some information below to help you prepare for the week.

2024 Session

The 78th Session of American Legion Auxiliary Volunteer Girls State will take place in person at Lipscomb University from Sunday, May 26 to Saturday, June 1, 2024. Learn more about our 2024 session here.


ALA VGS is a program for rising senior girls from across the state of Tennessee. Delegates are selected by local high schools and ALA units based on academic achievement and leadership qualities. For more on citizen eligibility, click here.


The safety of our citizens and staff is of the utmost importance to the ALA VGS organization. To ensure a safe and effective learning environment, staff and counselors utilize and enforce these guidelines:

  1. Respect all Delegates, Counselors, and Staff, as well as any Lipscomb University employees, in words and actions, recognizing that the various backgrounds, beliefs, characteristics, and experiences that others bring to ALA VGS enhance our community and the vibrancy of the experience for all;
  2. Treat others with dignity by not harassing, discriminating against, bullying, or disrespecting any Delegate, Counselor, Staff, or Lipscomb employee, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status;
  3. Respect our sponsoring organization, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA), and its mission, and thank any ALA units or other organizations for individual sponsorship to the ALA VGS program, if applicable;
  4. Be fully present and engaged, physically and mentally, for all activities of ALA VGS, and use good judgment for cell phone use following the guidance and direction from Counselors and Staff;
  5. Be courteous and attentive during times of quiet reflection and solemnity, such as the presentation of colors and pledge to the American flag, offerings of prayer, and evening vespers in large assembly or in small city meetings;
  6. While at ALA VGS, refrain from possessing or consuming tobacco, vaping products, alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances not prescribed to you; 
  7. While at ALA VGS, wear your ALA VGS name badge for identification, travel about campus with your city group or another designated ALA VGS delegate, ensure Counselors are aware of your whereabouts, remain on the campus of Lipscomb University until dismissal, and not invite any outside visitors to the Lipscomb University campus;
  8. Report any illness to a Counselor immediately and, if necessary, discuss with the ALA VGS designated medical staff;
  9. Take good care of all Lipscomb University facilities, follow all Lipscomb University rules while at ALA VGS, and show respect to all Lipscomb University employees; 
  10. Be responsible for personal belongings and locking dorm rooms when away.

Staff and Counselors

Alongside an executive staff that manages the program and is onsite during the week, ALA Volunteer Girls State manages each city with four to six counselors (all previous citizens of varying ages) who serve as mentors, facilitators, and chaperones for the week. Staff and counselors, who are all volunteers, also facilitate every event and assembly. Aside from being good sources of information because they all have experienced ALA VGS as citizens, counselors are uniquely qualified to lend a hand when you need it.

Samsung Scholarship

Applications for the Samsung Scholarship are now available. For application and eligibility requirements, click here.

Packing List

Activities at ALA VGS range from casual to elevated attire, and events take place both indoors and outdoors at Lipscomb University. Our 2024 packing list is available here.

Social Media

During the week, we post photos and updates to our social accounts so that your parents and friends will be able to follow along with the activities taking place at ALA VGS. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Contacting ALA VGS

Prior to the week of Girls State, the best way to contact the organization is to submit any questions you have to us via email at [email protected] or our contact page. We will respond as soon as possible.