The Art of Losing

By Katy Delahunt, Taylor City

One might think the most impactful lessons a girl can learn at VGS stem from winning elections. However, I learned something much more valuable – how to lose.

I have always struggled with my pride. Sometimes, I’ll rationalize my loss and attribute it to circumstances outside my control. Sometimes, I’ll turn spiteful; sometimes, I’ll feel dejected. Regardless of exactly how I react to a failure, the theme remains constant: I am a sore loser.

At the end of VGS I can proudly announce that I have been transformed. Instead of angrily blaming others for my failures, I am now able to be genuine_ly excited for her and appreciate the qualities that led to her success. When one wins, she accepts her behavior as successful and gives it no more thought. Conversely, losing provides an opportunity for reflection and self­improvement. Losing at VGS has allowed me to grow as a woman in a way that winning never could.

This is not a lesson I take lightly. My ability to embrace my failures is priceless. Low points are necessary to be able to fully appreciate the highs. Thank you, VGS, for letting me lose.