By Victoria Oduwa, Smith City

It wasn’t until I attended Girls State that I saw my hopes for our generation coming to fruition. As a victim of abuse, bullying and poverty, I once had a very pessimistic outlook on life. I believe that the general saying of life as hard unfair and dark. There will always be someone better than you and you will just have to except that. It wasn’t until I was in Nigeria starving that I asked myself, “what is it I truly want?” I wanted a life that was fair, welcoming, and understanding. I wanted a life where everyone’s perks and quirks will be invaluable and seen as strong abilities. I wanted a life worth dying for. When I attended the first day I realized these hopes were not only carried in practice by me, but fellow determine the girls all around Tennessee. And for that very discovery, I have out on Sunday night to raise my voice for all, physically, mentally, and socially. Even with a hoarse voice, I will still scream to my sister citizens, because we are girls state! Willing to live and die for our country, as poppies grow in Flanders Field.