By Savannah Sponcia, Gray City

‘There is NO WAY I am going to Volunteer Girls State.” That was me three months ago. I decided to come because it would look great on my college application and out of sheer curiosity. However, the past five days have changed my entire perspective on the role of women in our government. These beautiful and absolutely brilliant women have shown me how to love myself and work as a team.

One of my friends asked me this week, “So, are you at a feminist convention?” At first I was taken aback because it was said with a negative connotation. In a way it is, but not in the way my friend stated. Girls State is about empowering young women to turn up the volume on their voice to boldly express your stance on issues and embrace the differences that make you united.

Now I know why I am here. I needed to see I do have my voice, whether it be in running for a position or being a model citizen. I am here because without Girls State, I still would have been skeptical of government.

I will forever be indebted to my Gray City girls that I had the honor to do life with them this week .. “Once a golfer, always a golfer.”