By Lily Robey, Crockett City

To me, Girls State means losing. Over the past week I have lost many of my fears (and a few elections, but who’s counting). If you had told me Sunday that I would give not one, but two speeches in front of eighty plus people I would have broken down in literal tears. It was only with my cowgirl sisters and spectacular counselors that this feat, that many would call a miracle, was achieved. Girls State also means filling the spaces in my life that are meant for strong female role models. There are not many opportunities to be surrounded by so many unique and passionate women. I am leaving Saturday with a new looking glass to see women through. While I have been a self-proclaimed feminist, I have been honored to meet women talking on the issue of equality in every part of their lives. To me Girls State means more than just a week of personal advancement; it gives you a new family, knowledge, and a confidence that will grow and thrive for the rest of your life.